• Continual measuring of customer satisfaction.
  • Modular, adaptable Turn-Key solutions as Application-Service-Providing (ASP).
  • Individual development and integration of the software tools into the specific business processes and sales organisations of the company.
  • Processing and internet-based distribution of all data within the sales organisation.
  • Setting up and management of knowledge databases, operational instructions and controlling tools for the improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • Management and controlling tools for the management of improvement activities (continual improvement process).
  • Analysis and weighting of customer satisfaction factors crucial to success and of their influence on the purchasing decision.
  • Letter shop / post room
  • Online questionnaires
  • Capture of addresses
  • Scanning with electronic capture of comments
  • Verification / quality control
  • Archiving of originals (hard copies / data)
  • Data evaluation - monthly, daily, real-time
  • Data distribution via Intranet
  • Interactive contact management
  • Editing of news pages
  • Technical and communications support of the help desk
  • Coding of individual customer comments into computable concepts
  • Online management of all relevant customer and business data
  • A team responsible for the co-ordination of personal customer care
Areas of application

A monitoring system is particularly suitable for the following areas:

  • Automotive, manufacturers/traders
  • Franchisors / franchisees
  • Service providers with branch operation
  • Associated trading companies
  • Financial service providers
  • Food chains (including discount stores)
  • Hotel and catering chains
  • Associations and local authorities