AD Focus Websolutions
  • Implementation of ad-hoc or on-going surveys
  • Notification of the target groups by post, e-mail or Internet
  • Login control of Internet questionnaires
  • Evaluations
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Presentation of results in real time
    Contract-related communication, control and documentation of the planning and processing of the contracts of property management organisations with
  • Service providers/tradesmen/cleaning companies
  • in accordance with quality benchmarks
  • AQM verifies and supports the achievement of a continual quality standard in accordance with predetermined criteria and benchmarks
  • to establish customer satisfaction by means of targeted surveys
  • to determine trends and opinions,
  • to convert customer satisfaction into measurable dimensions
  • to analyse and report results
  • to generate measures
  • to initiate and closely support improvement processes
    With CCA 2.0, free-text answers are:
  • coded in accordance with any predetermined criteria
  • organised computably
  • recorded as a result that can be analysed
  • Continual and holistic customer support
  • Accurately processed ‘keep-in-touch’ measures
  • Constant, up-to-date information channel from and to the customer
  • Individual support processes
  • Grouping of regular or temporary round table discussions for registered participants.
  • Turn interested parties into customers through communicative identification and channelling
  • Online customer retention for the central customer topic: My car,
    My make,
    My model.
  • Immediate and long-term customer care, directly managed by the dealership employee. Through the use of the dialogue form, no question with regard to your own vehicle will remain unanswered. Tremendous customer benefit through varied, integrated information services.
  • Agreement on focused topics, reports and conceptual contexts
  • Day-to-day monitoring of Web contributions
  • Day-to-day results reporting
  • Detection of trends for product feedback
  • Quality control of your own branding